How Do Air Jordan 1s Fit?

First Released in 1985, The Air Jordan 1 is a certified hood classic, its been a long time favorite of sneakerheads since they came out

The Jordan 1 Lows, Mids, and Highs all have different cuts. Lows stop below the anklet Mids sit at the ankle and Highs go above the ankle

Jordan 1 High vs Low vs Mid

How do Jordan 1 Highs Fit?

The Air Jordan 1 High is fits true to size so just go for you regular size when buying them. If your loking to buy a grade school pair we recommend you to go half a size up, as the fit on them is narrower than on teh adult pairs

What About Jordan 1 Mids?:

For the AJ1 Mid, they fit the same as the highs, so sticking with your usual shoe is the best choice. However, If you go for a GS size in Mids, consider sizing up by half for a better fit.

How About Jordan 1 Lows?

If you're looking at purchasing the Air Jordan 1 Low, They fit looser than Jordan 1 mids or highs do. You might want to go half a size down for the cosiest fit, and if your shopping for a GS pair, we reccomend staying true to size this time.

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