How to Increase Grip On Basketball Shoes?

Why do Basketball Shoes Lose Grip?

Shoes soles can get damaged from various factors. Friction can wear down the sole on rough courts or with intense movement. Neglecting cleaning and maintenance can speed up deterioration by allowing dirt, debris, bacteria, moisture, and humidity to weaken the grip.
Basketball Shoes

How can you improve the grip?

Scuff up the soles: Create small grooves on the bottom of the shoes using sandpaper or concrete. This will boost friction for better traction on the court.

Add traction pads: Adhesive traction pads can be bought to stick to your shoes' soles. These pads offer extra grip on the court with their textured surface. Remember to clean your shoes' soles before applying the pads, if they are dirty the adhesive will wear off faster.

Use grip-enhancing spray: You can buy sprays for grip enhancing, simply spray it on the bottom of your shoes and it will make them more grippy, but be careful not to over apply, as it can make them too sticky.

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