How to Stop Your Shoe Tounge Sliding

Check the tongue to see if there is a loop

Most types of footwear feature a tongue loop as an essential part of the shoe. To reveal the entire shoe tongue, simply untie the shoelaces on one of the shoes.

Next, search for a fabric loop (roughly about 0.5-1 inches) in the center of the shoe tongue. If you notice one, this loop can be used to hold the shoe tongue up and prevent it from moving or slipping to the side.

How to Stop a Shoe Tongue from Sliding to the Side - wikiHow

Untie laces to eye holes under loops

Begin at the top of the shoe, slowly loosen the laces by guiding them through the holes. Continue removing the laces from each row of eyelets until you reach the holes just below the tongue loop.

To prevent uneven pressure on the tongue from laces that are not level, make sure both sides are equal in length before proceeding. If they are uneven, untie and re-lace them.

Use the Extra Eyelets

To keep the tongue of your shoe securely in place, you can use the additional eyelets at the top. Start by loosening the top row of your laces. Then, insert each lace into the eyelet on the same side to create a loop of about half to one inch. Cross each lace over to the loop on the opposite side and tighten. This will hold everything neatly in place once you tie your shoes.

This technique is really effective, especially if you find that the tongue tends to shift or your heel slips. By securing the top of the tongue with these loops, you'll reduce any movement and friction, making your shoes feel more stable and comfortable. Give it a try, and feel the difference it makes in keeping your shoes fitting snugly and comfortably.

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