Top 5 Best Air Jordan 4 Colourways

Diving into the whirlwind of basketball and sneaker lore, today shines a spotlight on the Air Jordan 4—a sneaker that's not only weathered the storm of trends but also continues to be a mainstay in the collections of both die-hard sneakerheads and casual enthusiasts. Its design, unparalleled comfort, and the cultural behind it has birthed an array of colourways over the decades. Narrowing down to just five feels like an injustice, but here's our top 5 Jordan 4 colourways, we 

1. Bred (Black/Cement)

We start this list with the iconic Bred (Black/Cement) colourway. Debuted in 1989 and etched in history by MJ's “The Shot,” this  blends black, red, and cement grey in a timeless way. More than just footwear, the Bred stands as a testament to basketball legacy.
jordan 4 Bred

Image credit : Nike

2. White Cement

On deck is the White Cement, the cooler cousin of the Bred. Dressed in a white base with hints of black and cement grey, it champions versatility and timeless appeal. It's the go-to for sneaker lovers who lean towards a pristine look with an edge.
Jordan 4 White Cement 89

credit : Sneaker Bar Detroit

3. Military Blue

Enter the Military Blue—a dash of colour that stays true to the AJ4 ethos. Its white leather canvas splashed with bold blue accents doesn't just catch the eye; it commands attention while tipping its hat to the original colourway unveiled in '89.
Jordan 4 Military Blue 2024

Credit : YankeeKicks

4. Fire Red

The Fire Red 4, a colourway that refuses to be overlooked. Its sharp red accents laid against a clean white upper make a bold statement of confidence and vibrancy. Tailored for those who aren't afraid to stand out.
Jordan 4 Fire Red

credit : Hypebeast

5. Cool Grey

Last but not least, the Cool Grey. A more contemporary rendition of the AJ4, introduced in 2004, it sports a monochrome grey upper balanced with yellow and white. The simplicity of this colourway makes it versatile enough to go with almost any outfit.
Jordan 4 Cool Grey

Here it is - the best of the best Air Jordan 4 colours that have truly made their mark in sneaker history. Whether you're feeling nostalgic for the '80s, want to channel the cool vibe of the '90s, or prefer the modern style of the 2000s, there's an AJ4 just for you. Each colour tells a unique story, pays tribute to a particular time, and most importantly, makes you stand out whenever you wear them.

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