What Does GS Mean In Shoes

GS stands for Grade School. This is a term used by Nike that shows the shoes are Junior size. These typically come in sizes UK 3 to UK 6. They typically look the same as adult shoes, but they do fit narrower.

however Nike is expanding this range to include smaller sizes starting from 13.5 (1Y) More info on that here

Due to GS sizes running slightly small, it's a good idea to go for a size half a size up from your normal adult size. For instance, if you're usually a UK 5, a 5.5 in grade school sizing would likely be your perfect fit. Whether you're an adult with smaller feet or shopping for a kid, shopping for GS sizes is a great idea as they cost around 30% less than adult versions

GS Vs Adult Shoes

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Can Adults Wear GS Shoes?

⁤Yes, adults can wear grade school shoes. They are the largest size in children's shoes, and they can fit both anyone with smaller feet than size UK 6

⁤If you're an adult with smaller feet, buying GS shoes is a great option as they look the same as adult pairs, but they cost a lot less, however if you have wide feet GS shoes might not be suitable for you as they fit narrower than adult shoes

Nike Size Chart

What Does PS Mean?

The term 'PS' means 'Pre-School,' this is shoe category specifically for young children.

PS shoe sizes range from a UK 10 (EU 27.5) to a UK 2.5 (EU 35), The preschool child's age ranges from 2 to 5 years old.
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